We understand and meet the needs of our customers

The fact that the goods travel efficiently from point A to B is the result of many factors. All of them, though invisible, are important to ensure the highest quality of service …

What do we do?

We specialize in transport of cargo to and from: Polish, Norway, Sweden, Germany …as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia and the Netherlands.

Always on time

Reliable fleet, thorough familiarity with routes, experienced drivers, strategic planning and time management- all this guarantees that the freight reaches the destination in time. Express service available as well!

Security Guarantee

Security of the cargo is our highest priority. Guarded car parks, GPS tracking, sealed semi-trailers save you worries about the freight.

Competitive prices

Combining cargo, weekly rides, forward planning skills and know-how enables us to offer very attractive prices of our service!

Willing to answer any questions about our services.