We understand and meet the needs of our customers.

What do we do?

Since 2009 Interpaper has been providing professional services in automotive transport of goods up to 24 tons. We specialize in transport of cargo to and from: Polish, Norway, Sweden, Germany …as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia and the Netherlands. But we do not limit ourselves only to those directions. Interpaper also offers other customized services in domestic and international forwarding.

How do we do?

The fact that the goods travel efficiently from point A to B is the result of many factors. All of them, though invisible, are important to ensure the highest quality of service … Our team of professionals who watch over every step of the order, experienced and skilled drivers, and the modern fleet meeting international standards, are our assets which guarantee that your consignment reaches the destination in time and without fail.

Why us?

Our goal is to set the highest standards in the field of transport of goods and the customer satisfaction. We understand the needs of our contractors and we strive to meet them so that the carriage of goods could be smooth, punctual and problem-free. Over the years in business we have gained significant experience and we managed to develop rules allowing us to offer reliable transport services. Our integrity and efficiency is evidenced by numerous references and a lot of positive comments on Trans.eu from our present customers. Financial stability, high standards and internal corporate procedures make us a trustworthy and reliable business partner.